Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly weigh-in, my new addiction and just stuff!

It feels like I've had a very busy past few days but then I got reminded ... it's only Monday.  Okay, that was a mildly depressing realization!  I spent a good majority of my day testifying in a deposition for my worker's comp injury.  As un-fun as that sounds, and trust me it was, it was far less painful than I had imagined it in my mind to be.  I was a nervous wreck on the drive down to the attorney's office and I started crying in the car.  Why?  I just don't know.  I think it was the overwhelming emotions surrounding the physical pain I have been enduring, the fear of being "attacked" during the time I was to give my testimony based on what other people were telling me and, ultimately, just being present enough to feel the emotions instead of going to food to cover up all of my feelings.  But, like the grown-up I think I am most of the time, I faced all those fears.  After I was done, though, life still went on. 

I decided that because I had a lot of studying to do tonight and I am still having an adverse reaction to some new medication I was given at the end of last week that I was going to skip my Optifast class tonight.  I'm pretty good about attending most of my sessions, so I felt okay with that decision.  I did stop by and did my weigh-in, as well as picked up this week's stash of product.  Unfortunately, I gained a half pound this week.  Boo.  Yeah, okay, I was pouting a little.  But I'm not terribly surprised.  Don't worry, I didn't have anything to eat, stuck to my program like a trooper, but I also didn't exercise near as much as I would have liked and I was majorly stressed out this last week.  So, okay, I'm not perfect and the scale doesn't always want to listen to my rationalizations.  It's just a reminder to me that I have to always, always take care of myself, no matter what is going on.

To that end, a couple of us at work have been talking about starting to walk during our lunch when the weather cools down a little bit.  It's still crazy hot right now, but our plan was to walk during the period after our students have finished their lunch and are back in class.  So, fellow co-workers, get ready and think about bringing in your walking shoes soon.  I am committed to doing this.  Not walking so fast that we get sweaty for the rest of the day, but just getting out, getting some exercise and de-stressing.  If anything, just to see daylight!  Let's face it, we can all use less stress, no matter what our profession is.  Maybe we can start this next week or the week after, depending on our weather.  And if you don't work with me, maybe you're a reader on the other side of the country, think about doing this at your own workplace.  Even if it's with just one other person, what a great way to take good care of yourself.

Last on my list to write about tonight is my new addiction.  It's actually not as ominous as it sounds, so don't worry about needing to do some sort of intervention on me, but I have picked up a new addiction that actually is a good thing for me.  As a person who blogs, I have gotten in the habit of reading other blogs.  Not just of people who are doing Optifast, but people who talk about their own weight loss using other methods, healthy living blogs and even sites that write about good recipes for the time when I am ready to transition back to food.  The only problem is that I just don't have the time to go to each and every blog that interests me daily.  I wish I did!  I am committed to doing that with my fellow Optifasters, like Melissa, Sara and Tessa (among others).  For the others, I have signed up to be a "follower" via e-mail.  So each time a person posts on their blog, I get a copy of their writing sent to me on my smartphone.  So when I have a few moments, I can read what they've written.  If I want to look at their blog or make a comment, a link on my phone sends me to their webpage.  If not, their text in an e-mail works, too.  It's really a nice way to get doses of support in those hidden moments, like when I'm waiting for a class to start or just relaxing for a few minutes before I pop open a textbook.  You guys can do that for my posts, too.  I have a link to sign up to be an e-mail follower somewhere near the top of my blog.  Anywhoo, that's it for now.  Back to studying.  Joy!


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