Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dealing with boredom

I was feeling soooo bored today.  I had things that I was working on - papers I had to write for my classes and work that I brought home over the weekend - but I just had that uneasy feeling that no matter what I did, I was going to be bored.  I think that I was pouting a little bit because I had these plans to get some good exercise in outdoors but it was just too hot outside by the time I got it together to go out.  Instead of letting it go and saying, oh well, next time ... I just couldn't stop thinking about the fact that I wanted to be out and exercising.

There are many reasons that people eat besides the intended purpose of fueling their bodies and one of those is being bored.  I remember times when I'd mindlessly just walk in the kitchen and pick up whatever junk was there for me to munch on.  I'd stand in front of the fridge and look for something exciting to eat, maybe something special that was beyond the norm.  Of course it didn't magically cure the boredom and really just created an additional problem.  I do believe in enjoying the taste of food, but it never gave me the rush I thought that it should.

Now I need to practice other habits to deal with situations where I would go to food to fix it.  For me, that's about changing the way that I have always done things to a new reality.  Obviously there are going to be times when I get bored, even when I have a lot to do, but the solution can't be a hand-to-mouth sort of thing.  That's easier said than done sometimes when I've been so used to doing things a certain way for my entire life.  I do know that I am going to remedy the too hot thing tomorrow by going out to walk earlier in the day.  It's supposed to be around 100 degrees, but Sara and I are going out to walk around Discovery Lake at 8:30 in the morning.  So hopefully we won't be dying out there and my body will thank me for taking good care of it.  I do love the exercise and crave it (I know, Kathy said she loves exercise? WTF!), especially when something stands in the way of me doing it.  Should be a great way to start out the day.


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