Monday, September 24, 2012

I feel icky today

I woke up this morning with a very upset tummy, but thought I'd tough it out at work.  I ended up leaving in the afternoon, after just not being able to handle it any longer.  I had my first shake of the day at 6:30am and had to force myself to have another one at about 3pm when normally I would have been absolutely ravenous with a huge headache by then if I waited that long.  I did have to drive over to the clinic to check in since I have my group on Monday nights to do my lab work, weigh in and grab my products for the week. 

Just yesterday, when we were walking at the lake, Tessa and I were talking about our respective weight losses slowing down and being a-okay with that because we have revved up our activity levels.  The thing for me is that I know my body, mind and spirit feel so much better when I'm more active and I get in more exercise.  There is going to come a day, not too far off into the future, where I will be off the shakes and need to incorporate regular exercise into my life so working on that now will only be positive for me down the line.  So, when my weight loss this week registered at a pound and a half, I really was fine with that.  Sure, I had a tinge of disappointment ... I'm human and would like the scale to reflect all the hard work I've put in.  Yet I also know that I'm super excited about my progress so far.  I started this journey on February 6th of this year, feeling as horrible as I possibly could about myself, out of breath all the time, sweaty, worried that I could possibly have a heart attack or something similar at any moment.  Fast forward to yesterday when, after completing our 5-miles around the lake, I joked to the girls about going for round two!  I do have aches and pains that are a result of years of being super morbidly obese, but overall the difference I feel in my body from then to now is like night and day.  I have lost 183 freakin pounds.  Excuse me, but that totally rocks!!  God, thank you for that.  I'll never be able to express my gratitude adequately enough.  Yeah, I'll take that pound and a half, happily so.

As for me and my icky tummy, we're hanging in there.  I did sleep most of the afternoon and am now sitting here not feeling much better.  I've got a fever and the rest of me is screaming to crawl back into bed.  I really hope I'm better in the morning because I have a crazy day at work tomorrow with so much going on.  But, if I'm not better by then, I have to put my health first and stay home.  I don't need to be stubborn and try to soldier on.  I don't want to get other people sick and, really, I want to feel better as soon as possible and the best way to do that is to rest and get plenty of fluids in.


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