Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taking care of ourselves

I went out this morning on a walk around Miramar Lake with Sara and Tessa, as well as Sara's husband and little boy.  It's about 5 miles around the lake, which is flat for the most part, with little hills here and there.  It was a little hot out there, but here we are afterwards and the course we walked (I sometimes log in my exercise here to see how far I've walked or how many calories I burned).

Sara, Tessa and me
After logging in our time and my weight, turns out I burned 874.4 calories ... yahoo!

We did stop a few times as we were walking and slowed down our pace with Sara's little boy, but I was glad to do that.  I get so competitive sometimes, not with other people, but with me.  If you don't believe me, check out the last time I walked at the lake and see how fast I went then and then you'll know for sure.  Slowing down and letting go of my competitiveness is a good thing.

It was so great to get out and get a great walk in.  Even better?  That I did it with fellow Optifasters!  We are all on the same path, even if our journeys are a little different.  As much as we all have support in each other's lives from people not doing the program, there is no one that understands the things we go through better than those doing the same thing.  I completely appreciate that we can share with each other so deeply, as we do on our respective blogs and in-person groups.  I couldn't imagine going through this process all alone.  We'll do more walks and would love others to join us that live in San Diego county.  We're all here to support each other! 

-- Kick Ass Kathy


Big Heart said...

K.A.K.!! I thought I would totally knock out when I came home but I didn't... Let's do this again, next time earlier in the morning and like I said, without my kiddo... haha. Thanks again for the card lady!

Kathy said...

I'm so proud of you, Sara. You have come so far since beginning the program. Can you imagine you willingly went on a 5-mile walk today? You rock!! Let's plan on going again the next time your mom has your son ;-)

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