Monday, September 3, 2012

Quick check-in

Since today is Labor Day, our Optifast clinic is closed so I won't be posting any updated weight loss numbers.  However, I will go to the clinic during lunch tomorrow (since, hellooo, I don't need to sit down and have my "lunch"!) and weigh in on that scale.  I could use the one in the health office at work.  It is the sort of sliding scale used at most doctors' offices and it's pretty accurate, but I would like to be consistent and get on the same scale every single week.  Otherwise, you know how we are with obsessing about those stinkin' numbers.  Okay, I won't include you in that ... you know how I am!  So check in with me tomorrow and hopefully there's been movement in my weight loss ticker.  Now, off to studying.  I'm already in the procrastination mode and the semester just started.  Ho hum.


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