Monday, February 20, 2012


I had my Optifast group meeting tonight, which starts with a weigh-in.  Hold on to your hats... I lost 19.5 pounds this past week.  Wtf???  Turns out I was the biggest loser in the class.  Holy smokes.  So I've lost 26 pounds within the last two weeks.  Now I know this is not about the numbers, that the focus shouldn't be that, but I have to say that those numbers tell me something is working.  It made me feel so good and I really was near tears when we were doing some visualization exercises in class, just thinking about what is possible.  One of the exercises we did was to visualize our last binge and compare it to what we see our healthy bodies at 5 years into the future.  The comparison of the two was ridiculous - how does a plate with fried chicken, macarooni & cheese and coleslaw compare to the smile on my face on top of a healthy body?  It's like night and day and that is what was so special to me.  So anyway, off to a great start and I'm so grateful for God.  He is helping me stay in the moment and have much gratitude.


Ally said...


Wow - a big congrats to you! That is SO well done! I am sooooo very happy for you. hehe

Thank you for your reply in the last post's comments - I'm glad that you have supervision. Makes me feel better. LOL

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