Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gave it all away

Since I'm going to be Optifast for quite a while, I've given away all of my food that is not allowable while on program.   My mom and other people are getting everything in my cupboards and fridge.  I'm guessing I'll be on the full fast for about a year or so, depending on how fast I lose the weight, and it will be harder to have food here so out it goes.  I did buy some ingredients to give flavor to the shakes, like extracts, Torani sugar-free syrups, diet soda, sparkling water and Spenda.  The price for Torani is soooo much better at Smart & Final ($3.99/bottle) vs. World Market ($6.99/bottle).  I'm determined to not treat this time as a death sentence, but am trying hard to stay positive and enjoy my nutrients.  I think positive thinking is important in life as a general rule, so much more so when facing tremendous challenges.


Truth Teller said...

I love you. Your advice is making my day so much easier. I swear I wish I could hug you. You are doing amazing and I'm so inspired!! Keep going and ignore the negativity. I told my friends to take out their negativity on their loved ones, not on me, LOL! :))

Kathy said...

You are so cute! Thanks for your positive energy. And yeah, I've learned in my life that positive thinking definitely is the way to go for sure. I was just re-reading this post and I had to chuckle because I was writing about how I'd have to be on Optifast for a year and how I was even willing to do that. At the pace the weight has been falling off my body, it'll be more like 6-8 months. It's an amazing thing that's happening, that's for sure.

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