Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moving forward

I have finished my final medical clearance to begin Optifast product next week and went to the first group meeting.  For the group, you are with the same people for the next 20 weeks, then you can switch groups or continue with your current one.

After I checked in, I went to the nurse's station so they could monitor my levels and then it was on to group.  I was laughing to myself because a woman behind me, who had already started the program, was telling her friend what the first week was like after you start the product.  She said the problem isn't being hungry but it's dealing with your head and the emotions that come with it.  She said, "Girl, I was praying to Jesus a lot during those first few days!"  That was the same talk that occurred in our group from the 5 people who were continuing on from the 20 weeks they just completed.  But, overwhelmingly, they talked about the fact that after the first week, it becomes really easy.  In fact, the feeling I got was that there was some sort of freedom that comes with going on the full-fast because you just don't have to deal with the dynamics of food.  It's pretty black and white.  I must admit that I do like that.  This is going to be such a life-changing process that perhaps not having to deal with food will allow me to be much more present. 

So, next week I will be receiving the product and then beginning it Tuesday morning.  Since I'm diabetic, they want me drinking product every 3 hours, which means I may have to add an extra shake depending on how early or late I'm up.  After the first week or two on product, my blood sugars will normalize.  They are taking me off all of my diabetes medications, which is a combination of pills and insulin injections.  I can't tell you what that right there means to me.  No more sticking needles in my tummy, no more shaking from high blood sugars or low ones (I suffer from both).  And I will be coming off more meds as I progress further in the program.  They are adding a potassium pill for me because of my iron levels, but I can handle that.  I'm really looking forward to starting.


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