Thursday, February 23, 2012

Changes I already am experiencing

It is hard to believe, but I am already seeing and feeling differences in my body even after just a couple of weeks in.  First of all, the hunger that I was experiencing the first week has gone away, thank you God!!  The hunger I now feel is because it's time to have another meal (aka shake).  I have heard other people mention, who are currently on Optifast or have been, that the taste of the shakes are awful, that they just pinch their noses and down it as fast as possible.  Personally, that has not been my experience at all.  That might be because I don't just have them plain and most of the time I make them frothy in a blender.  I also put an ounce of Torani Sugar-Free Syrup in each one.  So today my shakes have been:  vanilla peach, chocolate caramel, vanilla orange (made this one with Diet Sunkist) and chocolate black cherry.  Why make it a punishment?  I love my shakes and feel full.

So far I've lost 26 pounds after two weeks, which isn't a lot when I have so much to lose (I know, that seemed like a ridiculous statement just now ... losing 26 pounds after two weeks isn't alot?  Come on!).  So I thought I wouldn't notice any sort of difference for a while.  How wrong am I!  I already notice the distance between my tummy and the steering wheel is further apart.  I tried on jeans yesterday that I couldn't get over my hips before and now I can zip them up, without even needing pliers.  I have more bounce in my step.  Then there's the really big difference I see ... I have sleep apnea and have been battling falling asleep with the CPAP machine.  No matter what position I am in, I just can't fall asleep when I was using their test machine before ordering mine.  As a result, my ability to fall into a deep sleep was practically non-existent.  I was getting maybe 4 hours a night and a really awful 4 hours at that.  The next day I would be behind my steering wheel and feel myself trying to nod off.  Don't worry, I never did.  I would drink coffee, chew gum, lower the windows, grip the steering wheel tightly - anything to prevent it from happening.  I didn't want to kill myself on the road, let alone anyone else.  This was occurring for months every single day.  Now it has not happened even once since dropping this weight.  I don't have the machine yet (still in the process of ordering), but I am feeling fully rested and with lots of energy. 

As much as society is against a program such as Optifast because of the judgements they put on it, I am glad I made this decision already.  I feel grateful I have a great support group and medical personnel who are helping me along the way.  My personal doctor, who isn't even part of the Optifast team, has been my biggest cheerleader.  And, the support I have from practically everyone in my life sure does make this so much easier than I thought it as going to be.  It's not easy, don't get me wrong, but just easier than I imagined.


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