Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Goodbye syringes

As I get up and look at starting my day, I was looking at the basket of prescription medication I have.  It's a little basket I have to keep everything in one spot.  This morning I get to remove all of my diabetes medications - Glucophage (pills), Glyburide (pills), fast-acting and long-last insulin, syringes and alcohol swabs.  One of the biggest joys Optifast is bringing me is the ability to say goodbye to diabetes.  Who knows if that is forever, but it is possible to either reverse the diabetes or certainly keep it at bay.  Regardless, beginning with today, I get to start the process of letting it go.  I can't tell you how much that means to me.  Sometimes when I am in church and our pastor talks about the fact that when we go to heaven, our bodies will be like new with no disease and no pain.  Every time I hear that or think about it, tears come to my eyes.  I live with so much pain every single day of my life, and diabetes is definitely a major contributor to that.  Now, here I sit, on the brink of waving it away.  No more bruising on my tummy because I injected in the wrong spot.  No more getting the shakes from having my blood sugar dip too low or too high.  No more fear of losing limbs because of this disease that has ravaged my body and I was keeping there.  Instead, I feel freedom this morning and such an awesome sense of empowerment.  If you are reading this and have never experienced diabetes or any other chronic condition, consider yourself fortunate.  And if you have, do know that I know where you're coming from.  This morning, I'm on the road to so much healing and I'm incredibly grateful for that. 


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