Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm still soo hungry

I have been trying to figure out if the hunger feeling I have been having is actual physical hunger or emotional hunger.  It truly is physical, there's no mistaking it.  It's certainly better than it was the first couple of days.  At least when I get hungry now, I know that another shake will be coming soon since I have one every three hours.  It's just hard when I have that empty feeling in my tummy with the grumbling and accompanying headache.  However, I am determined and I am pushing through.  I can already see the weight loss on my body, so I have a feeling I lost a lot this week.  I find out tomorrow night when I do my weekly weigh-in at group.  What is concerning is my blood sugar is high in the morning.  They took me off all my meds, so I don't know if it's supposed to normalize after a period of time.  I suppose that's a question I'll ask tomorrow when I go to group.  However, after being at this for almost a week, I can say that it's going better than I initially thought it would.  I do miss food, but I know that this is not forever at all.  And when I do go back to food, it will be good choices that I'll be making.  This is probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.  Having survived cancer last year as well as child abuse and rape when I was younger, that's saying quite a lot.  Yet, this is the most emotional and vulnerable I have ever felt in my life.  I am constantly talking to God, asking for His guidance and reaffirming my faith that with Him all things are possible.  Even this.  I just want to be healthy so badly.


Ally said...

Hi there! Well done on trying to lose weight. :)

I'm not a doctor by any means, and please don't think I'm being mean or disrespectful - but I am worried about one thing - being taken off your meds? I know some people who have lost a lot of weight, and were only taken off their meds once they reached a "normal" healthy weight... but until then, perhaps you'll need your meds to help you stabilise in order to lose even more weight?

Sorry if I seem a bit out of place - but I have insulin resistance and PCOS and really struggle with weight too. I take Glucophage - and I only take them in order to help my sugar levels balance... once they are balanced, I believe that is when more weight loss occurs.

Other than that I'm really happy for you - and will continue to visit you on your blog if that's ok. :D Well done, and keep going!

Do you only drink shakes on this program?

Now is Finally the Time said...

Hi Ally,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. The program I am doing is called Optifast, which is medically supervised. It actually is a separate clinic that is part of Kaiser Permanente (my hospital) that has nurses, doctors, counselors, and nutritionists and works in conjunction with my regular doctor. So I am doing the full-fast program, which requires I have 5-6 shakes a day and 2 optional chicken broth soups with no food. But the shakes give me all the nutrients I need except that I am required to take Calcium and Potassium supplements. They do lab work every other week and monitor me the entire time through the program. For Type 2 diabetics, which is what I am, they do take everyone off of their meds when they start the shakes and monitor thoughout. I will be addressing my high numbers just to see if there's something they feel I should be doing. I know there are some people out there who do Optifast without medical supervision, which is absolutely insane, but I also understand because it is an expensive program. However, my weight got so high and I was in such danger of more health problems that I decided to take this step. I'm glad I did, I have no regrets. It's not for someone that only has a few pounds to lose. In fact, they won't accept anyone into the full-fast program that has less than 40 pounds to lose. When I get near goal weight, they then transition me onto healthy food and follow me along for an additional year. I really thank you for asking the questions you did because they are all valid. And good luck to you in your weight-loss endeavors. Please do check back and contact me as often as you like.

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