Thursday, September 12, 2013

You're going to stick a needle where??

I had an acupuncture appointment at the end of my day.   There are some treats you look forward to at the end of a very busy and stressful day.  Acupuncture has become one of those things.  If you've never had a treatment before, you must think I'm insane right about now.  I am a girl who used to be terrified of getting shots and needles.  Then, when I became diabetic and had to check my blood sugar and inject insulin, I got over that.  Getting a needle stuck in me is still not my favorite thing in the world, but I don't mind it with acupuncture.  Actually, it's not the same type of needle at all.  They are much finer and are injected in a different way.  On very rare occasions will it hurt, but mostly it helps me get really in tune with my body and makes me fall asleep.  The reason I am see my acupuncturist, Kelly, is because I have had pain in my legs for over a year now and I've seen every specialist known to man.  Acupuncture is sort of my last house on the block.  In so many ways, though, it's become a blessing to me.  So I described today's pain, which is centered on top of my patella in my left knee and is radiating up my thigh to my hip.  It's significant pain and is extremely frustrating to live with.

Kelly inserted the pins around my knee, down my shin, on my feet, on my forehead and also on my left ear.  That was an incredibly weird sensation.  She showed me in a book where actually there are points in your ears that are connected directly to your legs and hips, precisely where I needed the attention.  She topped it all off with a pin placed squarely on my forehead.  She turned on some soothing music, turned off the lights and then left me to relax.  It's pretty hard to imagine anyone can relax in that state, but that's exactly what happens every single time.  I closed my eyes and thought about God's healing hands on my body.  Touching my knee, removing the pressure from my thigh, every moment helping me to relax and trust.  In no time at all, I forgot about all the pins sticking out of me and I focused on the sensations and being centered.  A flood of emotions overcame me, a feeling as though I knew, in that very instant, that God was watching over me and helping me feel peace.  There is still pain, but it is significantly reduced.  The body is amazing, such a marvel at what it does and how it heals.  When I walked into my appointment, I was feeling tense and stressed, but very hopeful.  When I left, I felt lifted and strong.  If nothing else, that right there is more than I could've ever asked for.


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