Sunday, September 1, 2013

My day in pictures

I had a really great day.  I woke up pretty refreshed this morning and got up with a bit of pep in my step as I hopped on the scale to see what my weight was.  Jenny Craig recommends we get on the scale pretty routinely, I think even daily, to keep ourselves on track.  Of course we're likely to have fluctuations, but it just serves as another mode of accountability.  I was very pleased because it showed me losing another couple of pounds, putting me at a total of 7 pounds lost in a week.  Hooray!

Next on the agenda was to eat my breakfast.  I was going to pick up Sara so that we could do our Sunday morning walk at the beach.  The inland weather has just been very hot and sticky, something we're not used to where we live, so I was really looking forward to heading out the coast.  I had a big breakfast, something I'm getting used to with the JC program.  Actually, the volume of food as a whole is something I'm starting to get used to and actually crave.  I'm trying to let go of the "dieter's" mentality and just trust in the process.

Our walk today was absolutely gorgeous.  We drove to the beach and walked part of the way along the boardwalk and part of the way along the shoreline with our socks and shoes off and our feet in the water.  The coolness of that water was sooo delicious.  We walked 3.36 miles along the beautiful coast.  See for yourself.

Then later on, I ran a bunch of errands and finally made it into Costo.  I tried going yesterday, but there were so many people that I just didn't want to deal with it.  With the JC program, you can have free and limited-free foods as much as you need, so I thought I'd grab some of those along with some veggies.  They really do have fantastic prices there. I thought to myself, Hmm, I wonder if they have a good price on the dill pickle spears.  I should probably pick up a jar.  A small jar at the grocery store is pretty expensive so I knew that they would carry something larger size but that I would save money.  So check out what their jar looks like.

On the right is a regular jar of artichoke hearts.  Actually, the jar is a little bigger than normal.  On the left, however, is the Costco I-like-it-bigger jar of the spears.  That's a gallon of pickles!!  Holy smokes.  Needless to say, that will be lasting me awhile.

When I came home from Costco, my mom was at my house.  Actually, she called me while I was at Costco asking where I was.  She has a key so she helped herself to my cable and brought her laundry over so she could do a couple of loads.  It was really nice to see her.  I was thinking, as I was talking to her, how much our relationship has evolved and grown over the years.  She used to be an abuser to me as a child and in my teen years, both physically and emotionally.  There was a period of time where we didn't speak for twelve years.  Can you imagine not speaking to your own mother for twelve years?  I know we all have arguments and maybe get on each others' last nerve at times, but not to speak for that long was extremely difficult.  And now our relationship is lovely.  I cherish her and love her deeply.  We have both grown so much and are different people than we used to be.

Finally, my house is quiet, my two kitties are sleeping near my feet and I'm relaxing.  I got pretty burnt from the sun today, which is never good for a person who has had melanoma.  I did put on sunscreen, but obviously not enough.  Check out that farmer's tan!

I have a feeling that the combination of the sun, exercise and a happy day will help me have a great night of sleep.  It was a really good day.


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