Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kicking up Jenny Craig Meatloaf

On the menu for tonight's Jenny Craig dinner was their meatloaf along with my choice of veggies and a healthy fat.  I actually have two healthy fats at dinnertime because I don't use the one they give me during lunch most of the time.  I have been trying to volumize my meals to get in my veggies in a creative (non boring) way.  So here's what I had to start with.

I actually have a lot of veggies in my life these days, but these are the ones that called out to me when I opened the refrigerator door.  I decided that for the cauliflower, I would make it into "mashed potatoes".  That's where you cook the cauliflower in water until it is almost overdone so that it can be whipped up.  So I got to work chopping up all the cauliflower and threw it in a pot of water on the stove.  Next I got into cutting up my green beans and carrots.

I don't know about anyone else, but I just love fresh green beans.  They are sooo much better than out of a can.  I decided that I would saute these bad boys in some extra virgin olive oil with a bit of minced garlic.  While that was cooking, the cauliflower was done stinking up my kitchen.  Note to self: open the window in the kitchen because - eww - cauliflower smells not great when being cooked.  I put it all in a colander to drain and then got to whipping it up in a bowl with a touch of soymilk (I had a milk serving left over from earlier in the day), light butter (my extra healthy fat) and minced garlic.  I put in some parsley, black pepper and a touch of salt for seasoning

I do have to remember to make it in the food processor next time because my knife block had little bits of cauliflower on all the knife handles  when I was done;-)  After the JC meatloaf was done cooking in the microwave, I sliced it up and then added it (as well as the veggies and potatoes that came with it) all to the carrots and green beans.  For a final touch, I added a bit more barbecue sauce and sauteed that for just a minute or two longer.  I use Walden Farms Honey BBQ sauce, which has no calories, fat or carbs so I don't have to worry about how much I'm adding in.  Here's my finished product.

Might I say this was beyond amazing!  The barbecue sauce really adds something awesome to it and the cauliflower mashed potatoes came out great, too.  In fact, this plate doesn't even include half of my meatloaf/veggie dish.  I had lots of veggies in there.  And I made enough of the mashed potatoes to eat on other days.  I have been really enjoying getting creative with my meals and spending the time to make delicious treats.  The JC food has been very tasty on the whole.  I really am very glad I made the decision to go with the Jenny Craig program.  My blood sugar has been down, my tummy is satisfied with very healthy food, I have way more energy and I have been sleeping incredibly well.  Happy, happy!!


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