Friday, September 20, 2013

The right food

Wow, I didn't realize it had been more than a few days since I last posted the goings on in my world.  It has been one busy, sort of crazy week.  Everyone says that's because we've had a full moon.  Perhaps.  I haven't exercised much this week, even though I wanted to.  I think I just have been so mentally exhausted that my heart hasn't been in it.  I've been dealing with a computer program at work that has been beating up my brain cells in the back of the room.  I'm not a computer programmer, I'm in education, so I'm trying to outsmart it as best as I can but I confess it has gotten the best of me this week.  And there's no one I can really get help from because apparently I'm the district expert on it even though I don't remember signing up for that job.  I'm glad to leave it all at work.  It'll be fine to greet me again Monday morning.

My weigh-in is tomorrow morning and I have a little bit of a fear that I haven't lost any weight this week.  The last time I was on the scale, two days ago, it was up by a little bit.  That could be for any number of reasons, but given I didn't exercise a ton, I won't be surprised if there's a little gain.  I can't spend the time worrying about it, though, because I'm doing the best I can and I know there isn't a race to the imaginary finish line.  That's what I constantly have to remind myself of through this process ... this is not The Biggest Loser and this is not Optifast.  This is my real life, eating real food and trying to maneuver my way through it.  On a positive note, I really can tell what a big difference eating the right food with lots of fruits and veggies is doing for my system.  I am not having digestion issues I was having before and I am sleeping very well.  That's not something I could always say, fighting to get 3-4 hours a night.  I am doing the best I can to take very good care of myself and my poor suffering body.  It has really been through the wringer.  Okay, I promise to check in tomorrow morning after my weigh-in.  Time for me to fall into bed now ... getting sleepy.


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