Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekly weigh-in

So, I had my weekly weigh-in tonight.  It was a mix of emotions.  First of all, I am happy to report that  it was a losing week, which I'm super grateful for.  I lost 3 1/2 pounds, which is definitely progress.  However, I just have to be honest and say I was disappointed in myself.  Now I say this with some pause because I feel stupid owning up to it.  Tonight in my group people were talking about overcoming huge challenges in their lives such as child abuse, narcissistic parents, and other ill-treatments.  I am part of that population, having survived abuse as a child and being a victim of a rape.  I am fully aware of how ridiculous this sounds. . .  How dare I complain about weight loss disappointment when heavier things are going on.  The thing is that I just felt like my weight loss should have been greater given I walked so much this past week.  I felt like when I had planters faciitis and couldn't walk very much, I lost a lot more weight.  A part of me wondered if I should not exercise as much.  But the thing with it is then I really enjoyed exercising and getting out in the sunshine.  I am going to have to realize that not every week will be a week when I lose 10 pounds.  It definitely would be nice, but it is not reality.

The really good news is that the medical staff at the Optifast clinic is lowering the amount of insulin that I need to take every day.  In fact, my blood sugar numbers have been on the very low side lately.  You should have seen how excited the Physician's Assistant was when I showed her my numbers for the week.  I think she was more excited than I was!  It is an amazing time in my life where I get to experience so many triumphs on a daily basis.  Anyway, here's to another week of weight loss.  84 pounds in 11 weeks is certainly something to be very proud of!!


Truth Teller said...

First of all, your challenge in weight loss is very very important. We have to stop thinking about it in terms of whose challenge is bigger. You do not sound ridiculous AT ALL. I know you know this, but weight loss does not necessarily get reflected in the same week as the work we put in. Now I fully expect you to tell me this when I am feeling like you, however. I know how you feel, I've experienced that disappointment in other diets. But I do have to say that 3 1/2 is good!!! Just pick up something that weighs a pound to remind yourself about how much that really is.

And the most beautiful part of your week is that you began to love exercise, which is putting you on a completely different life path. And Yay for your blood sugar! It is all good news!! Now credit yourself with it and buy yourself something nice!! You are amazing.

Kathy said...

You know, you are totally right. We loss is a big deal - I guess I just felt like I was making a mountain out of a molehill when the truth is that it actually is a mountain for me. Thank you for helping me remember how important all of this really is.

Melissa said...

Hello angel. My, those weight loss numbers do have some power over us. I know I get impatient, and want all of this weight gone as soon as possible. But the scale has "forced" (LOL) me to embrace patience. This is something new for me, and subsequently I am treading this terrain carefully. Pat yourself on the back for the 3.5 lb. loss. Even if you lost nothing this week, you are a wonderful person, working your program, and sure to achieve your goal weight in due course. Our bodies sometimes move at their own sweet pace...frustrating sometimes, but that's how they are.

Now, in my ever so humble opinion, embracing exercise is right up there with rigidly following our Optifast eating plan. You are laying the groundwork for the two things that will help you keep the weight off -- portion control/caloric intake monitoring and exercise. Do not under any circumstances stop the wonderful strides you have made in your exercise program! It makes you feel good and the benefits are so important. If it slows down your weight loss a bit, that's ultimately okay! You'll get to goal. I promise. So keep walking! Hugs. Melissa

Kathy said...

Hi Melissa,

Oh patience ... not a virtue of mine. I have always struggled with patience. What do you mean I can't lose 100 pounds overnight? Ha ha. It's silly in thinking but somewhere in the back of my mind, I really believe that is a bonifide yet silly question. You are so right, I need to celebrate the fact that I am losing and getting healthier. In time, the weight loss will happen. Last night during my group, a lady was comparing herself to me because although the counselor was congratulating her in losing over 160 pounds in a year, she talked about how she didn't do it as fast as I was doing it. I was amazed - I thought it was wonderful what she had done and realized I do the same thing. Somehow it's a race to the finish line when it really is not a race at all. I will keep doing my walking and treating my body in a kind and loving way. Thanks for all of your fabulous support!! - Kathy

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