Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blood sugar levels

When I started Optifast, one of the things the medical staff at the clinic told me I would be able to do is get off all of my diabetes-related medication.  That was such a joy to me because I was taking a combination of pills and insulin everyday.  Just the fact that I was at that state as a Type 2 diabetic was difficult for me because most Type 2's regulate with just oral medication in addition to diet and exercise.  Yet, even though I was injecting insulin, I just could not regulate my levels no matter what I did.  So, I would get extremely frusted and just tell myself that if I'm messing up anyway, why worry about eating the right things only to fail miserably each day?  I would just take more insulin to try to keep my levels normal.  I was going through a bottle of insulin within a week or so, which is quick since each bottle typically is supposed to last me about a month. 

So anyway, I was taken off all my diabetes meds.  However, my blood sugar levels would not go below about 225.  Given that a fasting blood sugar of 80-120 is a normal rate, I was getting frustrated.  It was certainly better than I was doing before.  Even with injections in the morning of about 35 cc's, 75 cc's at bedtime and use of fast-acting insulin at dinner in addition to oral medications, I still was around the 275 level all the time prior to starting Optifast.  It was a royal mess, let me just say.  The medical staff and I came to the agreement that I would start to inject again, once in the morning and once at bedtime until I got my blood sugar levels to about 150.  We were very conservative at first, not wanting to inject too much. 

After about a month, I am happy to report that my blood sugar levels are now perfect and actually a little low, so I may be able to cut back on some of the insulin.  And that bottle that used to only last me a week is now something I am going to have to throw out after a month with half the bottle still full (they expire 30 days after they have been opened).  Regardless of whether or not I can cut back on insulin, I just am so elated to know that the diabetes in my body is not out of control any longer.  When I test my blood sugar now, there is no fear of what the meter is going to read back at me, even right after having a shake when it would be expected that the level would be significantly elevated.  The physican assistants I have been working with have told me that eventually I will get to the point, as I lose more weight, that I will wean off the insulin significantly, if not altogether.  Whether or not that happens, I can say that I am very happy of where I am with my blood sugar numbers right now.  I don't want the diabetes to get worse in me, so even if I had to inject for the rest of my life at my present level, I seriously would be okay with that, too.  It's in Gods hands, that's for sure.  This is all so incredibly miraculous, I just can't stress that enough.


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