Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly weigh-in

I had a better weigh-in tonight than I did last week, losing 5.5 pounds for a total of 80.5.  It was so interesting in our Optifast group tonight because the conversation turned into a talk about cancer and it helped me gain perspective.  I actually was okay tonight about whatever the scale was going to say, but the cancer talk was a reminder for me to always remember the bigger picture.  I had cancer last year, so it wasn't as if I was arbitrarily thinking about some sort of out there concept when other people were talking about cancer ... I lived it.  I went through the biopsy scare, the endless doctors appointments, the surgery that I hoped would remove it all from my body, the crying in the corner of the shower when I was alone with my thoughts, the outpouring of love, just all of it.  I am not discounting the battle with weight, but I also just got the gentle but firm reminder that I don't need to worry about what the scale says.  It is what it is.  And, hey, 80.5 pounds sounds great to me!!


Melissa said...

Two awesome achievements: Surviving cancer and shedding 80 lbs.! So proud of you!

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