Friday, April 20, 2012

Forgot to inject insulin this morning ... uh oh

Last night when I came home from work, I had a shake and then fully intended on going for a walk to get some exercise in.  That was my plan, until I discovered one of my cute kitties laying on my bed.  Then I decided to lay down next to her for "just a minute".  That was at 6pm.  I woke up at 9pm.  Some lovely nap!  The problem was I was wide awake ... wide awake.  I found myself scrubbing the kitchen sink, mopping the floor and picking up the house at 1 in the morning.  So, needless to say, by the time I actually got to bed, I only had a few hours left before I had to wake up.  When I did, I was super groggy, dragging and had to rush to get to work on time.  In my haste, I realized about halfway down to my office that, doh, I forgot to not only check my blood sugar this morning but didn't inject the insulin that I do every morning and night.

Since going on Optifast, we reduced the amount of insulin I take as a type 2 diabetic, but I still do need it for now.  The medical staff at the clinic are starting to wean me off of it slowly as I have less and less need.  My blood sugar numbers have been absolutely perfect, a far cry from what I did when I was choosing what food to eat.  I could never, ever normalize my blood sugar.  Anyway, the fact that I skipped injecting insulin put me into a panic somewhat today, a bit worried that I might dip too high at work without having any insulin with me.  Then I forgot about it ... I came home and did what I needed to do before going on a long walk.  I just realized a few minutes ago that it was time to face the music and deal with a high number.  Imagine my shock when I tested on my machine and it said my blood sugar was normal without any insulin in my body.  Wow.  I know the walk probably helped but to have it normal without the aid of any medication is absolutely huge!

I guess this episode was yet another reminder that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  I definitely will be telling the medical office at Kaiser what happened, but I also get to deal with my feelings about it.  I have heard doctors say that the program helps people wean off of insulin completely.  I couldn't even imagine that being my situation because I have always struggled with maintaining normal blood sugar levels.  All of this is just another reminder to me that miracles are being performed all around me if I just open my eyes long enough to see.  Some may not agree with that, but I do.  I feel the blessings in my life and it means a lot to me. 


Melissa said...

It's so wonderful to hear that your medical issues are lessening with Optifast! I have great problems walking and I can't wait for the day when that goes away. You are blessed.

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