Friday, July 20, 2012

Made it to Vegas

We made it to Las Vegas in one piece, but man on man is it hoooot here.  It's 104, compared to the lovely 82 degrees we left in San Diego.  Thankfully everything is air conditioned and there is a fabulous pool to call my own tomorrow.  Seeing my brother and sister-in-law this evening was great.  They haven't seen me since Thanksgiving, so they were astonished at my weight loss.  They don't quite get Optifast.  Here's the conversation I was having with my sister-in-law as they were discussing the buffet at our hotel:

Sister-in-Law:  Okay, we'll meet you guys a little later on tonight at the hotel for the buffet.
Me:  Sounds good, but I won't be eating since I'm not having food.
SIL:  You're not?  You don't chew at all??
Me:  Nope.  I haven't had any food in five months, but I get all the nutrients I need in my shakes.  I'm also allowed to have chicken broth and sugar-free gum.
SIL:  So, you can't even have a butterscotch candy?
Me:  No, I'm not having any food I need to chew.
Then there was silence.

Ugh.  I get how people don't understand, especially if they haven't done research on the program.  Yet, I do know they support me greatly, so I think they are trying their best.  Really, that's all I can ask for.  So, as we speak, they are downstairs at the buffet having a free for all (trust me, I've seen my brother and other family members put some serious food away at a buffet).  Meanwhile, I just had one of my vanilla Optifast shakes with sugar-free watermelon Torani syrup.  Then, in about a half hour, I am going to get dressed in work out clothes and head down to the large gym they have here in the hotel.  I brought my iPod with me, headset and I can't wait to get sweaty down there.  This is how I take care of myself today.  Do I feel bad that I'm not sitting with the rest of them?  Not at all because I know with each healthy choice I make, I am getting stronger and stronger each day.  I can be very proud of myself that I made the right choice for my health.  Besides, I'll see them all later or at other times during this weekend.  I'm perfectly fine with that.


Big Heart said...

OMG Kathy! I totally went to Vegas a month into the program (in 2009) and my friends and hubby totally gorged on buffet food while I was drinking shakes and soup. I made it through it and you can too :) It's sooo nice that they support your weight loss "style" even though they don't fully understand it. One battle at a time :) Have fun!


Melissa said...

Yay you made it!!! Hit that gym hard and sweat away! Then relax in the pool...ahhhh....I'm so jealous! Have a wonderful time and keep us updated as you go. Take care.

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