Monday, July 23, 2012

I am completely shocked

I came back from my Vegas vacation today and knew I had my weekly Optifast group tonight.  I was  just hoping that maybe I lost a pound or two, especially given the fact that vacations throw you off your normal pattern.  Imagine how incredibly shocked I was when I got on the scale at the Kaiser clinic I discovered I lost 8 pounds.  Say what?  I was in such disbelief, in fact, that I got right back on.  I mean, good Lord, I was wearing heavy white jeans since it's so cold in our classroom and it still said what it did.  That means I am down 156.5 pounds right now, after 24 weeks.  I'm just going to say this (and I'm sorry if it's offensive), but holy shit!! 

Then I thought back to just this past few days in Vegas.  When my family was at a buffet, I was in the fitness center working out.  When they had a big spread my brother's house last night, I left them early to go work out again at the fitness center so that I could take a bath and get to bed early to prepare for the 5-hour drive home today.  I needed to take care of myself and that's what I chose to do.  My brother told me he is proud of me and actually took my picture.  Can I tell you - that's not something he does.  He is always so aloof, although a great big brother, but for him to show me how much he cared was touching.  So, I am going to get over my shock and realize I do put in the work and I am going to appreciate every single pound no longer on my body.  Thank you, God, for this ... from the bottom of my most grateful heart.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit(!) is right!! You killed these vacations and I'm loving your enthusiasm for exercise! Congrats for all the joy you've already found, and the rest that is on it's way! -Tessa

Kathy said...

Thanks Tessa! This journey we are on is so amazing ;-)

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