Sunday, June 3, 2012

I don't know why I continue to be so amazed, but I am

Losing weight through Optifast has been such a surreal experience for me.  The weight is just dripping off, not only in pounds but in inches.  I need to give props to those inches because I think our society (and me!) focus way too much on the numbers on the scale that our worthiness as human beings gets dictated by it.  Although I have lost an insane amount of weight so far, I'm also dropping serious sizes in my closet.  Literally, clothes that didn't fit two weeks ago are now too big on me.  That is absolutely crazy and out of my comprehension.  Thankfully, I have lots of friends who have been giving me clothes of various sizes when I am ready for them.  In my garage are bins of clothes that are just waiting for my body to catch up.  I discovered today that I'm in the next smaller size.  That first photo that I have posted, the one of me in my body assessment outfit, has me in clothes five sizes bigger than what I'm in now.  The belt I wear to keep my pants from spontaneously falling right off my body is too big on me ... I'm past the last hole on it.  There are bones appearing around my neck and wrists that almost feel like they are appearing from nowhere all of a sudden.  In fact, I can't stop touching around my neck because I can't believe how much I feel those bones now when I had to contort my body for the possiblity of seeing them before. 

I was reflecting with someone the other day about the struggle I had in deciding whether or not to do Optifast initially because of the severity, the cost, the sacrifice, etc.  It was a hard decision until it wasn't because my health was declining much quicker than I really have owned up to.  Once I had made the decision in a definitive way, I was and am all in.  If you're reading this and you're newly starting Optifast, looking for motivation or just someone you can identify with, let me just say that doing this program is worth every penny and will give you your life back.  I feel incredibly different than I did before.  I want to exercise now, to get my body moving now is something I crave.  I'm excited that I'll be finished with work for the summer on Friday (yahoooooo!) so that I can get out there and exercise more.  I love the feeling it gives me and that's something the food never could do.


Truth Teller said...

yay! I can feel your exuberance!!

Melissa said...

You have, and always will be, my inspiration! I love reading your blog. Seeing your delight with these wonderful changes is so uplifting...puts a smile on my face every time! Big hugs!

Kathy said...

You both are so incredibly supportive, thank you for that!

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