Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekly weigh-in

I stayed home from work today, feeling sick as a dog.  I did end up going to my Optifast class tonight, but that was a huge mistake because I was doubled over in pain the whole time and ended up leaving early.  Good news is, though, that I have lost another 7 pounds for a grand total of 98.5.  Yahoo!  Even though I'm not feeling well, that definitely got my attention.  I'm feeling so grateful, beyond words really. 

I am debating on whether I not I continue to take care of myself and stay home from work tomorrow or be like a crazy person and go in.  I'm just so busy at work, but I'm also feeling pretty miserable right now.  I can't sit up without lots of pain - what good am I going to be at work?  I'm thinking that if I'm not feeling better by the morning, I might see if I can get in to see the doctor.  Being doubled over in pain is never a good thing.  Going to climb back into bed now!


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