Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A gift for me

I decided to  listen to my body and am staying home again today from work to get better.  That's so unlike me, but here's to taking better care of myself!  Speaking of that, here's an update as to what's been developing on the cancer front.  As I mentioned a while ago, there were some MRI's done on me in which they discovered a cyst on my thyroid.  The doctor told me I needed to see my family doctor right away because it might be cancerous.  Having had a different kind of cancer last year, that alarmed me, of course.  I contacted my primary care doctor and had an ultrasound done.  Her office then contacted me and told me the next step was to make an appointment with an endocrinologist to see what's going on with the cyst.  When I spoke with that office, they said the soonest available appointment was on June 15th.  I was willing to drive anywhere in San Diego County, but they said that was the best they could do.  In terms of the results of the ultrasound, I would need to contact my primary care doctor 5-7 days after having completed that test.  So, when it was time, I contacted her and she told me that, unfortunately, she cannot determine if it is cancer from the ultrasound alone.  That is why I am to see the endocrinologist because he will be doing a physical examination, perhaps even sticking a needle in to complete a biopsy to see what's going on in addition to the ultrasound. 

I then became frustrated because, although I have not been sitting here obsessing about it, having to wait five weeks to find out if I even have cancer, let alone have treatments if it is, was starting to tear at my insides.  I happened to mention it to my Optifast counselor last night and he advised me to call Member Services and fight.  Tell them that I want a sooner appointment because there's a suspicion of cancer.  So thought to myself, "Okay Kathy, you're a fighter when your back's to the wall.  Fight!"  I got on the phone to Member Services, got directed to internal medicine, and told the lovely woman on the phone my plight.  My voice broke up as I told her I might have cancer and, after having it last year, it was too much to bear to have to sit and wait to see a doctor.  I told her I would drive anywhere I had to at any time to see an endocrinologist.  She said, "Okay, let me see what I can do, honey."  She gasped when she looked up the appointments because they literally just received a cancellation for an appointment this Thursday morning at 10:30.  The next appointment would have been my original one that was already scheduled.

I thanked her profusely, hung up the phone and cried.  Were they tears of joy because I can see a doctor sooner?  Partly.  The real reason is I felt God's loving hand over me, yet again.  I ask for His help so much in my life - to give me peace, comfort, joy, grace and so much more.   It feels like a gift, made especially for me.


Truth Teller said...

Hopefully they think it's a remote chance and that is why there was no urgency?

Kathy said...

Turns out my doctor had not labeled it as urgent in the system, but she has no way of know if it's not cancer right now. The last thyroid test I had, which was back in January, came back fine, so we're just hoping that this is not as significant as cancer. At least I'll find out soon whether it is or not.

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