Friday, May 18, 2012


The last couple of days have been a little hard for me.  I finished a very tough semester at school, while working full-time and dealing with medical stuff.  I was up all night last night with no sleep working on a research paper.  But, ah, no school for three months ... I can handle it!!  In a few weeks, I'll be done working for the summer since I work at a high school.  I need the rest and the time to take good care of me.  I also need to work on getting more water in.  I have been so incredibly busy at work that the time betwen my shakes has been longer and longer and not drinking as much water does not bode well for me.  I know, I must make myself a priority.  It's just hard sometimes when I get so very busy at work.  But things are still going well on the program.  The ring on my finger started to fall off today.  How crazy is that that I'm even losing weight in my fingers??  I'll take it!


Melissa said...

Love those little "reminders" that we are losing weight...the loose rings...I can relate! So glad to hear you will get a breather this summer. You deserve it with that busy schedule!

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