Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hallelujah, my word for today

I'm beyond thrilled to tell everyone that not only did I get in a full night of rest without waking up, but that I also had normal blood sugar all day long.  I know you all know how I've been absolutely struggling with keeping my low blood sugar readings normal, so this is huge for me.  Dare I have two nights in a row of this?  I would really love that. 

I worked from home today because I had to be here when the new furnace was installed.  What kills me with companies like this that give you a four-hour window of time is that they can come at any point during those hours and you have to be available.  So I had to be available between 8AM-12PM and then I knew it would take a few hours after they arrived.  And what time did they get here?  Almost noon.  I understand that it's difficult for them to predict exactly when they'll be here because each job takes whatever amount of time it takes, yet no one else makes appointments in that way.  If I had a student or parent come in for an appointment with me at work, I hardly think giving them a four-hour window of time in which they need to sit outside my office until I'm darn well ready for them is going to fly.  Just sayin! Anywhoo, I'm getting off my soapbox now.  My furnace is shiny and new and my home is now warm again.  Hooray.  The good thing, at least, was I was able to get a lot of work done without any interruptions.  One of the big parts of my job is to help students get college scholarships.  It often takes quite a while to get the updates and then post the changes for the students, especially when I have interruptions often throughout the day.  We have great success with our students obtaining a lot of money in scholarships, but it doesn't happen by change ... a LOT of work goes into it.  But today I was able to do a ton while the cats just watched me type.  Apparently that's a nice change of pace for them during the day instead of their usual of taking a nap on my bed until I get home.  Ah, the spoiled life of the two princesses!

Last night I expressed my desire to drop my Tuesday night class at the university because my backside was incredibly uncomfortable in the seats.  I found a section of another class that was open today and after much deliberation, I decided to go ahead and enroll in that one instead.  The problem with this new class is that it meets on Thursday nights from 7-9:45PM.  Almost 10:00 seems a little late to be roaming around campus and then finally crawling into bed at, likely, 11:00 since a live about 20 minutes away and need time to get ready for bed.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I was certain that it just wasn't worth the back pain that the other class would put me in.  I have the same professor for another class on Wednesday nights and he told us that he will never keep us to the end of the class.  He said he's good for about 2 hours and then he starts to get tired, so I can all but guarantee that I will get out of my other class earlier as well.  That was great news.

I think I had a really good day, even though I had to write a $555 check for the furnace.  While I have insurance, it does not cover modifications that had to be done because the other unit was so old.  It still saved me almost $3,000 though.  And, really, I'm not worrying about it too much.  It had to be done, I do have the money and so I'm okay with it. In addition to that, I'm grateful that I had happy blood sugar today, I'm in a new class that will make my back feel so much better and that my food was really clean today.  I can go to bed feeling good about all of that.


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