Thursday, January 10, 2013

Electrical shocks and pokes

I went and had the nerve testing done with the medical evaluation doctor for my work injury.  While I did just fine, it was extremely painful.  It's hard to describe what it felt like for those that have never had nerve testing done on them before.  The first part was feeling electric pulses coursing through me on my left arm, which is far less injured than the right one, which is my dominant hand.  The doctor hooked me up to a machine and then he'd find spots on my arms, concentrate on the area and then send electric shocks through me to attach to the nerves in that particular area.  It makes your entire body go into shock and jump.  Sort of what it feels like when they test your reflexes, only there's a huge jolt of electricity attached to it.  So he did that in probably twenty different places on the arm.  Some spots weren't that painful at all, while others made my eyes water.  Next, he injected a needle into my skin.  Not a delicate acupuncture needle - it was a full on needle like those they use to take blood.  He then turned on a different machine and then told me to move certain muscles this way or that so I could feel the pressure of the needle against the muscle.  He injected a needle in about twenty different places as well.  All sites were painful, very painful, with some beyond mere pain bordering on wanting to cry out.  Then, when he was done with all that, he repeated the process on my other arm.  I was left breathing really hard, trying to deal with the pain, with both arms in significant pain and blood all over.  I know, gross, huh?  I didn't end up going to my acupuncture appointment afterwards because they had me waiting for an hour and a half just to get into the room to see the doctor and then the procedure took awhile, so I'll be doing my acupuncture appointment tomorrow instead.

The doctor did tell me that there is definitely damage in both of my arms, which, of course, I already knew.  I'm glad the tests confirmed that, though.  Sometimes you're left to feel like you're a crazy person with how much the insurance company denies every medical appointment or procedure you have.  The hard part for me is that my arms will never go back to the place where I was before the injury, meaning I will always have pain to some degree.  Right now it's about managing that pain and having comfort.  That coupled with the pain I feel in my legs from the osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain ... well, it's just a lot for one person to take on.  It really is a miracle that I've lost as much weight as I have given all the pain I have going on at the same time.  However, I've said this many times before - I'm a fighter.  I'm the scrappiest of fighters and my stubbornness is really an advantage in this situation because I don't give up.  We all have our crosses to bear in life it seems and while mine feel extraordinary at times, I know that it's not going to break me.  It may feel like it in the moment, but I'll overcome the challenges and look back with pride that I made it through the next hurdle. 

As far as my blood sugar, it was low this morning again, but so much better than it's been, that's for sure.  I had another day of it being nice and even, although I did have a hunger headache all day long.  I'm not sure what that was about because I seem to be getting enough food into my system.  Another thing I'll talk to the doctor about on Tuesday.  One foot in front of the other.


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