Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drop the scissors Kathy

There are some drawbacks to doing a weight loss program, especially a liquid one like Optifast.  You always have to weigh the positives with the negatives.  One of my negatives is a subject not many women talk about ... hair loss.  My clinic did tell us that some of us will experience hair loss, but it is temporary and it will grow back eventually.  It turns out I'm one of those having to deal with it.  I'm not surprised, given the low calories and how fast I have been losing the weight.  A couple of months ago, I colored my hair, like I do every so often.  I never accounted for the fact that my hair is a different texture and thickness than I'm used to.  I left the product in for the regular time I usually did, but my hair didn't like that and started coming out in clumps.  In addition to hair I've already lost before the coloring incident, it has left quite a problem for me.  It's very noticeable, too.  So today, in a moment of pure insanity, I grabbed a pair of scissors and just lopped off my hair.  I just couldn't stand it another second.  I know in time I'll be "normal" again.  This negative of the program isn't enough to be a true negative, just an embarrassment that makes me feel self-conscious, especially as a woman. 

Other than that, I've been doing pretty well.  I didn't get any exercise in today, which is something I do on some level every day so it felt like something was missing.  Tomorrow, though, I'll be walking at lunch, I have an acupuncture appointment after work and then will hit the gym to workout in the evening.  I definitely look forward to the exercise ... my body is so thankful for the stretches and smaller frame.  It's such a switch to want to exercise when I did everything in my power to avoid it in the past.  It's amazing how different my life is today in comparison to even just a year ago.  Even with less hair on my head, it's all worth it, that's for sure!


Optifast Loser said...


I came back to read your blog after many months because I needed a little inspiration. You look absolutely fantastic. After a few months of being off the program, I have gained back 20 pounds. It was slow at first and then within a few weeks it just poured back on. I have recommitted myself because I would still like to lose another 50 pounds. This week I am already on a good path, exercising regularly and am watching my calorie intake closely. Adding food to my diet was probably one of the hardest things to tackle because I still feel like I do not have control over it.

Thank you for being true to yourself and sharing your experiences with everyone. You are truly an inspiration.

Oh, and I also had extreme hair loss. I cut mine off also and I am hoping that it starts to grow back soon.

Kathy said...

I was so glad to read your post ... I have been wondering how you've been doing! Thank you for the compliments, especially in that I have been so critical of myself lately in comparing my body to others. What you said about adding food back in after being done with the fast was another reminder for me that this is not easy by any means. Glad you're fighting for yourself ;-) I am doing the same every day.

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