Friday, November 23, 2012

Day after Thanksgiving

Hello from Vegas!  It was a great Thanksgiving spent with friends and family.  I was fortunate to start my day out with doing the 5K Oceanside Turkey Trot.  Check out some pictures I snapped with my iPhone.
View near finish line taken as I was heading to the start line

Sara and me before our group started
Family we followed ... and then passed
Woo hoo, we did it and have medals to show for it

Afterwards, I picked my mom up and we started our drive over to Vegas.  It was horrible traffic getting out of the L.A. area.  After about an hour or two, I did ask my mom to drive.  I have been having a hard time getting sleep at night and was feeling super drowsy behind the wheel.  I was able to nap for a little bit of the way, which was part of what I needed to do to take care of myself.

Dinner was fine for me.  I had Optifast while everyone else ate turkey dinner.  Of course, everyone was stuffed beyond measure afterwards, having to practically unbutton everything.  I felt perfectly fine doing what I needed to do.  In fact, I felt great.  There is a part of me that felt left out in a way, but I also know that I can't eat food like that and hope to have a normal body size.  Perhaps in time I can learn to have this meal in a healthy way, but it wasn't something that was available.  My brother and sister-in-law make very high fat food.  Sure, the turkey would have been lean, but all the veggies had other stuff in them that made them unhealthy and so I felt good knowing my Optifast products are what I needed to do for me.  I was watching the news last night and they were saying that the average for a Thanksgiving meal is 3,000 calories.  Good Lord, 3,000 calories!  Truthfully, I would always eat more than average.  No, this is better for me.  I checked my blood sugar this morning, which is something I normally do even though I no longer have diabetes, and it was 94.  Perfect.

We have some shopping on tap today.  Even with all the clothes people have given me because all of my old ones are way too big on my body, I do need to pick up some tops.  I just don't have enough of those and I like them to be a little roomy.  So I think I might brave the crazy Black Friday shoppers.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


adorkbl said...

Gorgeous location for a 5k. :) Jealous.

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