Sunday, August 25, 2013

Up early and doin' this!

I could not sleep last night, but it was easy to pinpoint.  One of the medications I have is a water pill.  Every time I have it, it makes me feel like I've quickly downed three glasses of water.  I have to time it well because it makes you go to the restroom frequently for a good 2-3 hours I would say.  When I was having my dinner last night, I realized I forgot to take my pills for the day so I quickly swallowed them before I realized I took the water pill.  Oh man!  It was too close to bedtime so I was up constantly in the night.  Lesson learned.

I had my first Jenny breakfast and it was very good.  As I bit into the cinnamon roll, I was pleasantly surprised.  I heard the food has really improved and I have to say I agree so far.  In a few hours, Sara and I will go walking on our regular Sunday morning jaunt around Discovery Lake in San Marcos.  Then later in the afternoon, my mom is coming over to my house for a visit.  Looking forward to a great day!


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