Saturday, August 24, 2013

Here we go

My consultation today at Jenny Craig went well.  I was fully expecting to burst into tears, but I didn't go there.  All the emotions just clump at the surface and sometimes I feel like tears are the only release but I was very relaxed.  The person I was working with, who I think was the manager of the center, was super nice and we had a great conversation about my road with weight loss.  The first thing we did, after the intros, was to go and do a weigh-in.  Gulp.  I haven't been on a scale in a while because mine at home kept showing an "E" in the display every time I would get on it.  In my irrational and self-obsessed mind, I was convinced it was because I have exceeded the maximum weight of the scale.  That number is 450.  Obviously I had not because that's beyond my starting Optifast weight, but the only conclusion I could come up with is that one since it wouldn't register my weight.  Anyway, today's weight was a heart-breaking 367 point something.  It was one of those scales that you step on but the number appears level with your eyes and I couldn't look past the 367.  I joked and told her my number was up because I was wearing heavy jeans and bulky shoes.  I was joking, but not really.  Things are always better when you're standing naked in your bathroom on your own scale.  Man, 367 ... going to seek help at the center was exactly the right move for me and that new weight definitely confirmed that.

The next thing for us to do was to set a goal weight.  We settled on 190, for now.  She wanted to go with 200 and I wasn't comfortable with that.  In my mind, my number is 175 but we compromised on 190 since I have the option of adjusting it as a I get closer to the number.  Then we focused on how the program works and the choices I have available.  Jenny Craig has definitely changed significantly since the first time I was on it.  Granted, that was either in the very late 80's or early 90's.  I was telling the consultant about how they made me eat the chipped beef that came in a grey can and how I refused because it was beyond disgusting but that I was forced to eat it anyway.  I hardly turn my nose up at anything, so you know it had to be bad. Really, the program is completely different in so many ways, except that you get one on one consultations with their counselors instead of being in a group situation.  I really like that accountability piece.  One of the new components they have, if a client chooses to do so, is have five days with Jenny meals and then two days on your own (with guidelines).  I was honest with her and told her I don't want to go down that road quite yet, even though it's cheaper.  I need to have some time in following the program before I do things on my own.  So, without going into a lot of boring details, my plan calls for me consuming 2,000 calories per day because of my current weight and the fact that they don't want me dropping the weight too fast.  I have a menu all planned out and am making substitutions where necessary.  Each meal, except for one of the snacks, contains a Jenny product but then you eat things with them that you buy at a regular grocery store.  For example, tomorrow morning at breakfast I will have Jenny cinnamon rolls, a piece of fruit, 1.5 cups of soymilk and three strips of turkey bacon.  In my mind, that seems like a lot of food and I'm sure it will feel like that in the beginning.  The one thing I was floored with was the amount of fruits and veggies I will be eating.  I had to buy 25 servings of fruit at the store for the week.  I guess I will be very, um, regular ;-)

I'm excited to get started in the morning and feel very committed to this decision.  I've also already checked out their website online where people have blogs, forums and chatting available.  I've also signed up for a closed support group through Facebook and, of course, I'll continue blogging about my experiences.  Here we go!


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