Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello ketosis?

Day two was more difficult.  Just like when I was on Optifast, my body is working hard to get into ketosis, where it uses fat for energy thereby burning it instead of muscles.  I really hope I don't replicate my experience on Optifast because it took me nearly three weeks to get there.  What happens to me is that I get headaches and think I am really hungry, even after I eat.  So I'm just trying to work through it, but hanging in there.  One thing that was alarming was that my blood sugar was elevated when I checked it before dinner.  I didn't understand why since my blood sugar was normal when I got up this morning and I followed the plan all day long.  The consultant at JC has a theory as to why this happened but advised I contact my doctor to ensure my diabetic meds were okay and to work with her on what we can do to make adjustments where needed.  I'm completely open to that.  In my mind, I immediately went to, "Oh, no, what if this means I can't be on Jenny Craig after all?"  I prove over and over again that I'm a black and white thinker, don't I?  I really have to chuckle at myself, just going from 0 to 60 in three seconds.  Meanwhile, I still have not been getting great sleep so I think I'm going to turn in after this and take something to help me get rest.  Especially with an adjustment in my eating program, I definitely have to get the rest.


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