Sunday, August 25, 2013

How my day went

I have to say I had a lovely day, which I guess surprised me on the first day of a new program.  My food went great.  I actually need to have one more snack before I go to bed to make sure I get everything in.  It does feel like a lot of food, but really it's not.  I think it feels that way because I'm eating a lot of fiber-rich things and that definitely is making me feel more full.  The food tastes really good and I'm feeling thrilled that things went so well.  Yes, I know I'm on my first day but it's a great start for me.  I told my mom that I'm doing JC and she was surprised, but happy.  She confessed that she was really worried when I was on Optifast because, as she told me, "You were sooo skinny."  Now, I've had a lot of people call me things but "skinny" has never been one of them!  I showed her all of my food and my planned menu.  I do have to say that I really appreciate that I don't have to make many decisions around what to eat outside of which fruits and veggies I will have.  That leaves me more open to focusing on other things besides the food.  I am an emotional eater, so I want to work on the reasons why I have gone to food as a coping mechanism.  I know I'm not alone in this; many people suffer the same malady.  I really want to be healthier and happier with my body.  It feels like an almost impossible task.  Who in the world is happy with their body?  Perhaps my thing is that I want to be happier and eventually I can get to a place of love and acceptance.  I am just so critical of myself and I want desperately to move away from that.  Anyway, on to day two.


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