Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm starting to sprout

Following the volumizing approach to eating with Jenny Craig, I have been loading up on my veggies.  I have a big salad with my lunch and lots of veggies with my dinner.  I
understand how important it is, now that I've been doing it, to eat a ton more veggies than I have been.  It's amazing ... I think they have me eating soooo much food because it is filling my plate.  Then somehow I'm hungry when it's time to eat again.  I'm not starving, though.  I eat three meals and three snacks a day.  I was thinking to myself, as I was eating my lunch today, that I feel like I'm eating all day long.  

I started out with my breakfast, which was cute little blueberry pancakes with sugar-free syrup, turkey sausage, half a banana, soy milk and egg substitute.  Then three hours later I had a snack bar loaded with vitamins and some mango.  Then a few hours after that I had my lunch, which was a stuffed potato with broccoli, a big salad with Walden Farms cilantro ranch dressing and more mango.  A couple of hours later I had 2 slices of deli meat, dill pickles and a Fuji apple.  Then for dinner I had their baked fish and chips with malt vinegar and two zucchinis sauteed in a tablespoon of olive oil with garlic and onions.  Then, finally, for the last snack, I had more soy milk and their triple chocolate cheesecake.  You read that right - cheesecake.  And may I say it was totally sublime.  It's not very big, but so yummo.  My consultant told me to try to eat all the food prescribed in the plan so I don't lose weight too fast.  Trust me, it sounds like a lot of food and it is a lot of food.  However, the only things that are really substantial are the veggies and, of course, having fruit frequently.  The Jenny meals aren't huge, but they are the right size.  In fact, it's startling to compare the volume of certain foods I had been having when I compare them to what size they should be.  My hunger headaches have gone away and I'm definitely getting enough fluids in.  Something is working because I've already lost weight.  I'm not questioning it, just going with it.

For tomorrow, I think it's time for me to get back to the gym to work out.  I haven't done so in a very long time.  Part of it is because of the never-ending pain in my legs.  However, a bigger part of it is my feeling self-conscious about my weight gain.  Obviously, if I don't go to the gym, I'll only continue to stay in a place of wanting to avoid going.  Generally speaking, no one cares about other people at the gym like we think they do.  Mostly they are more concerned with themselves - running on the treadmill, looking at themselves in the mirror while working out and just really stuck in their own zone.  Actually, I think I've only had one negative experience.  For the most part, people are usually super nice and supportive.  Besides, I pay for a freakin' membership every month - I might as well use it.  Just sayin'.  Okay, after I submit this post, I'll go in the kitchen and fix my food for tomorrow to take with me and then pack some workout clothes in a bag so that I can go to the gym on the way home.  No excuses, Kathy!!!


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