Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dreams & seat belts

I had a very vivid dream that the scale showed I didn't lose any weight this week.  Obviously it's not the worst thing in the world not to lose any weight, but I think that really isn't reality for me right now.  I'm only having about 500 calories a day between my shakes and allowable chicken broth and have a long road to go with the weight loss.  I'm getting all the nutrients in through the shakes and take a couple of pills for supplements, they just all happen to add up to about 500 calories.  I'm feeling great ... and that can be part of the problem.  Not a problem in a bad way, but it can explain why I had the dream.  My body is changing before my very eyes.  I have pants that don't stay up now, tops that are very baggy and that's just after almost a month since my first weigh-in.  I can really see the change in my face.  The double chin I have always had is shrinking pretty fast.  The other place I can really see it is when I'm sitting in my car.  I had gotten a seat belt extension for my SUV to wear at my highest weight and I decided the other day to take it off to see if maybe I didn't need it anymore.  I just had a gut feeling about that.  Lo and behold, I not only fit in the seat without it but actually have room to spare with the regular seat belt.  My tummy would almost touch the steering wheel and that's significantly changed, too.  It's amazing what's happening to me.  If I was not on the full-fast, I don't know if I'd handle it near as well as I am without food.  I feel like this is my time to really have some freedom with the food gone and retrain my brain to do things differently.  Anyway, my next weigh-in is on Monday night, so I'll check in afterwards with an update.


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