Thursday, March 8, 2012

Does stress mean I give it all up?

Today was a very stressful day for me in so many different ways.  In the past, I know I would have been in the food to somehow handle it all.  Between physical pain, emotional turmoil and a workload that is not slowing down, it was rough.  But, thankfully, today I made a different choice and elected to walk through it.  I still had my Optifast shakes and did not pick up any food.  Thank you, God, for the strength for that.  I realized that exactly one month ago today I started Optifast and a new journey in my life.  I have not had any food outside of shakes and chicken broth.  I'm proud of myself for sticking it out.  I wore the outfit today I had on during my body assessment.  It was amazing to see what huge difference I am already feeling.  I think I'll post pictures in a few days to share my changes in a more tangible way.  What is so interesting to me is that, in my head, I think no one can see the difference.  Then I found out today that students at the high school where I work are talking about how much weight I've lost already.  In fact, one of our office assistants is going to talk to me to see what I'm doing as an alternative to surgery.  It is a great alternative.  I never realized how much I would love the program, but I totally do!


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