Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekly weigh-in

My weigh-in last night showed I lost 9.5 pounds during the week, giving me a total of 45 pounds after a month of doing the program.  I'm very excited about the changes that are occurring.  Things are getting easier and easier as the days pass.  One of the very interesting things I find when I tell someone who didn't know that I'm doing Optifast is that they feel the need to tell me about some other diet to go on and how losing weight is simply pushing away from the table.  Someone said that to me today while I was making a shake at work.  I looked at her with an expression on my face as if to say, "Are you serious right now???"  But, whatever, that's their thing and not mine.  If they keep on it, I'll tell them that I have found what I am doing that feels good for me and that their support is all I'm looking for.  People can be so frustrating sometimes.


optifastblog said...

Wow - what a drop! Gotta love it !!

45 pounds in a month - awesome. Yay Optifast! I'm glad to hear things are getting easier. That's what I was told and what I tell others so it's good to hear it confirmed (it was true for me too). It's easier when you get results, for one thing!

You are SO right about people's comments. WTH can't they just be happy for us? We know best what's right for us, and when they started giving me grief I just said I was under a doctor's supervision and I relied on their advice and guidance. Weight is a tricky subject, and everyone wants to chime in with their two-cents worth. ;-)

Now is Finally the Time said...

Thanks for your support! I think the thing that gets me with people is why they feel their little, unsolicited advice is going to turn me around. Oh, push away from the table ... great advice. Easier said than done, silly person. Btw, love your blog ;-)

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