Saturday, March 10, 2012

Clothes that don't fit

Before I bought my house two years ago, I had boxed up some of the clothes I had that no longer fit me.  The sizes run the gamut, but they were all things that were reminders that my body was too big for anything cute.  I think most of you know what I mean ... when you're a certain size, they stop making things that make you feel good and instead make things that are frumpy, solids or just way too functional.  So when I moved into the house, the boxes came with me and I decided that it was time to finally give the clothes away.  I had my mom go through them since she's a little bit smaller than me and then put the boxes in my spare bedroom.  The next task was to donate them to charity.  Today I went to the boxes and pulled some of the clothes out just to see if maybe, just maybe some of them fit me.  To my utter disbelief, a lot of the pieces not only did fit me but were actually too big on me.  Can you imagine??  Not everything fit because there were about 5 different sizes represented, but it looks like I won't be donating those clothes any more, except to myself.  This journey is exciting in so many ways and so darn emotional.  You can't imagine the feelings I had inside when pants that I couldn't even get over my hips or hope to squeeze into were too big on me.  It really is a miracle on earth. 


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