Thursday, December 12, 2013

What, another change?

Yes! I like to keep things fresh so here's a new look to my blog.  I'm still trying to figure some things out, so there might be some minor changes but I decided that as I move into a new phase (surgery) of my journey to living a healthier life, it was perfect timing.  The woman at the top represents me springing out of this body that hides a fresher, more confident, sexier, much more free Kathy.  I found out yesterday that my melanoma biopsy is benign (YIPEE!!!) and so it's time to celebrate ;-)

Speaking of my surgery, I found out more information in terms of my next steps.  I had an evening workshop to schedule at work with some families in January, so wondered when my gastric bypass pre-op classes would start, provided I move to the next step.  They take six months and I didn't want to schedule a workshop the same night I have those classes.  I thought maybe I should just wait for my appointment with the doctor in charge of the Kaiser clinic since that's just next week.  Yet I realized it would not only be meeting with him but then waiting for the referral to get back to the program director and then finally scheduling something.  Or I could just call the program director and find out details right now.  Yeah, that sounded much better.  That way, I could plan my workshop and also find out when things get rolling on the classes.  Okay, if I'm being completely honest, it was probably more about finding when the classes start because I'm anxious than the workshop I need to do in January.  I just can't wait!

I called and got to speak with the director.  I told her I've gone through the orientation, did all the lab work and will be meeting with the doctor on Tuesday.  She sounded surprised I'd gotten so far so fast.  Well, I guess when you're feeling determined, you'll do whatever it takes to make it happen.  I knew that the choice is up to me in terms of how fast I want to get going. The classes will be starting on Monday, January 20th at 5pm.  My classes will be on Mondays, right after work, so that's perfect.  Even better, I get to do it at the facility closer to my house and I also get to do it with my new friend who is going through the same program.  I can't even express how excited I am about all of this.  I'm also so grateful I will not be doing this alone.  The support system I have going on for this is so much bigger than the one I had for Optifast.  It's been pretty amazing.  I haven't even told that many people outside of those that are very close to me.  I'm sure in time I will share it with more people, but for now I'm holding it close to the vest because this is very personal and I frankly don't want any Negative Nancy's bringing me down.  I had enough of those with Optifast.  As strongly as I felt about that program, I feel even moreso for this one.  After everything I have tried, it feels right for me on some very deep level I can't quite express.  But I think you get it.


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