Saturday, December 14, 2013

I was doing good until ...

Today I did a great job at logging my food, got enough water in my system and even logged in my exercise to MyFitnessPal.  It definitely keeps me very accountable.  I am working at really being aware of patterns or being more alert as to when things are difficult so that I can do the best I can to shut all of that down right away instead of letting things fester so that I eat over them.  Emotional eating is horrible because it really seems to come out of absolutely nowhere.

Okay, it wasn't as bad as eating all of this, it just felt like it.
But, how do you handle it when everything is going well and then, when you get home from a busy day, you feel like the cookie monster in the kitchen?  That was me today.  I was planning on coming home from church tonight and was going to make a very sensible, healthy dinner.  That wasn't in the cards for me, though.  Ha ha, I almost said it wasn't in the carbs for me - Freudian slip like no other!  I ate some chips, bread and nibbled on some chocolate.  Obviously that's not good.

I'm trying to figure out why all of that happened.  The best thing I can see, and really it's a good explanation (although not an excuse), is that all of my meals were off today.  I had breakfast at almost 11 a.m. and lunch at 2:30.  I even had to sort of force myself for lunch because I knew that I would not get back home to make dinner until 7ish.  As it turned out, it was closer to 8 p.m.  I was pretty hungry at that point, so I made horrid choices.

Breathe, Kathy, breathe.  Yes, I made choices I wasn't happy with but I don't have to carry them further into the evening or tomorrow.  I'm saying that for myself more than anything else.  I don't want to beat myself up over regrettable choices.  It happened, there's nothing I can do to erase anything, so I pick things up and move on.

Tomorrow I will be seeing Sara to go for a walk in the morning - looking forward to it girl - and then I plan on spending some serious time working on my grad school application.  I have about five weeks until it's due, so I want to work on my personal statement so that I'm not feeling rushed.  It's important to me to do a great job on that since it's something that's very important to me.   Time to wash my hands of my bad eating this evening and continue moving forward.  That's the best I can do.


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