Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some great news

After a pretty crazy day yesterday, all of my results from the tests I took posted in my Kaiser online account.  Thankfully, I appear "normal" (relative, I know!).  I received a call from the Positive Choice clinic and an appointment has been scheduled for me to meet with the program's doctor.  There he will be doing an evaluation of all of my medical records and background to determine, with me, which will be the best surgery option given my history.  I really have gotten a great insight into how much it means to me to have the gastric bypass  when I thought I might not make it through the questionnaire phase.  I have to stop this black and white thinking because I was convinced one wrong answer and I would be out on my bootie.  So I see the doctor next Tuesday and I think I'll have more definitive answers at that point as to what the next six or so months will look like for me.  If only I would hear back from the dermatology department on my biopsy!  I am feeling much better about it today.  Perhaps it was the pain of the area the doctor cut out of my back, perhaps it was because it was very close to the melanoma site ... whatever the reason to cause me a bit of anxiety, I'm feeling much more relaxed today.  For the rest of the night, I will be relaxing next to my beautiful Christmas tree. I always am reminded of past Christmases, making ornaments, wrapping presents and feeling the wonder of Santa that childhood brings.  I really have always loved the season and I think I'm finally getting in the spirit.


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