Friday, December 13, 2013

Yeah, so that didn't work out

Alright, so my first attempt at changing the look of the blog didn't exactly work out. There was a design flaw in the other template I had up so that my extra pages didn't show up like they should have. So I switched to a different format. It's still cute so it's all good!

I used to be the webmaster at my work site, although my technical skills with that extra job duty were probably intermediate at best. When you work at a high school, at least in our district, you generally don't have someone on staff at a high school as a webmaster being their primary job duty. Most of the time, it is an add-on while there is one district webmaster with that as her primary responsibility.

As such, I was never trained in too much detail in writing html code. I figured out a lot of things as I went along and have used some of it on my own blog here. I am trained in and experienced in the field of education, so you'll have to forgive me as I figure things out here with other design flaws. There are widgets appearing on the page that are not easy to delete so I have to go into the coding to figure out what I can delete without deleting necessary design features.   Sounding too technical, right?

I have to be forgiven for that ... it's 2:42 in the morning and I'm up because my tummy is really hurting. I'm feeling a little jealous of my kitties who are having absolutely no problem in sleeping right now on my warm electric blanket. Hopefully the bad feeling will pass soon and I'll be able to get some sleep.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to play with my website ;-)


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