Saturday, April 5, 2014

My efforts at jogging and mindful eating

Alright, so I didn't actually jog per se.  Yesterday on my first full day of using the Fitbit Zip, I got in 10,000 steps.  That's what I wanted so it was great.  Today I had about 2,000 steps left to reach that goal so I started walking around my house since it was already dark outside.  Then I found myself, for some unexplained reason, jogging to get my steps in.  Why?  Hell if I know.  I went from that to jogging in place to get everything in. I only have so much room indoors when I factor in furniture, bedrooms and two cats that think it's the best entertainment in the world to watch me jogging while laying in my path.  That's something I haven't done in years.  I avoid it because of the osteoarthritis in my knee but also because of my weight and boobs.  Let's just say the girls are not the type designed for jogging or running.  I got all of my steps in, though.  In fact, I did it with room to spare.  I love how this little gadget really motivates me to move more.  I think for accountability, I'll post a screen shot of how I do daily somewhere on my blog.  I'm so glad I spent the money on myself.  A lot of times in life, at least this is the case for me, I willingly give towards other people but I'm always the last one on the list.  For some reason, I think my brain has been conditioned that I don't deserve special treats or even just being healthy.

On to mindful eating.  While I am working with a different therapist now, the one right before her (that retired in January) talked to me at some point last year about looking into the idea of mindful eating.  She recommended a book, which I diligently bought, but never really gave a chance.  The idea of mindful eating is to approach food and body image from a different perspective so that you eventually change your relationship with food.  It can help those that are emotional eaters and so I knew it was something for me to consider.  I have just started to read the book again and it is actually really great.  It gives mental exercises to do each day, so it's not just about reading advice and then moving on.  I think I'll share them on here as I go through the book.  Any help I can get with changing eating patterns is something I'm definitely willing to try.  I am approaching this with an open mind, just as I am doing with the weight loss surgery.  At this point, I am not closed off to anything.  If you want the same results, then you keep doing the same thing.  Not this girl!  I want things to change.  That means I'm out of my comfort zone a lot, but that can be okay, too.  Just scary a lot of the time!

Water Challenge Day 73:  Drank 179 of 179 ounces


Caitlin R said...

Great work with your steps! And jogging around the house! That's amazing! Gosh, Fitbits sound great - I'm very tempted to get one.

In regards to Mindful Eating, I've been reading a bit about that too lately and it has definitely piqued my interest. What is the name of the book you're reading?

Kathy said...

I do happen to absolutely looooove my little fitbit. And I can really feel all the movement in my legs at the end of the day, but that's a good thing. Since I got mine, I've had a few other friends who bought one for themselves.

My book is called "eating mindfully" (second edition) by susan albers. I got it on Amazon and it really is great. It talks about concepts and then gives you good exercises. I will be posting on here soon the exercises that I will be doing as part of the program. I'm willing to be open and give it a try.

Beth Ann said...

I love the Fitbit! Way to get it done!!

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