Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pre-op class #9 and weekly weigh-in

Yipee, my staying stagnate streak has ended.  The last couple of weeks I was staying at the same weight, but I dropped three pounds this past week.  I'm happy with that.  Maybe all the extra exercising that I have been doing has helped!  Unfortunately I didn't get exercise in today.  I wasn't able to walk during lunch because of work commitments and the same will be true tomorrow.  I'm promising right here that I'll get some sort of exercise in tomorrow after work, whether at the gym or at home.  I don't want too many days to pass in between.

Last night's pre-op class was about healthy physical activity and building exercise into my life.  I'm glad that I've been exercising consistently because it felt good to be able to say the things I'm already doing.  In going through the material, I was reminded that exercise is not necessarily just going to the gym or going for a walk.  There are ways to get your heart pumping that can be incorporated into daily living, such as taking the stairs instead of an elevator or parking the furthest spot away in a lot instead of the closest spot.  Some really great suggestions from the reading include:

  • Leaving sneakers by my front door to remind me to walk
  • Bringing a change of clothes to work with me and going straight to the gym afterwards (that is a really good one because once I get home and start to relax, I won't want to go)
  • Scheduling exercise into my calendar to remind me to get it done, just like any other appointment
The most important take-away for me is to always remember there is time to exercise.  The commitment level has to be there.  I've been incorporating changes in my life to prepare myself for surgery and my life afterwards, like no longer having sweets and bread.  While it has been challenging, it has felt pretty awesome to know that I can do this.  The same is true for including exercise and more movement in my life.  Sure, I don't necessarily want to do those things at times, but I always feel better when I do get in more physical activity.   

One of the things that has really helped is being actively engaged in MyFitnessPal.  I log in all my food every single day, along with my exercise.  I even have changed the settings so anyone can go on there and check out what food I'm eating.  That keeps me super accountable and very honest.  Sometimes that's not easy.  Today I had picked up some lunch because I didn't make the time to do it at home.  I got very tasty, but not great for me, Chinese food.  I still logged it in.  It's frightening to see how many calories are in Chinese food.  No wonder it tastes so freaking good!  It's not worth it, though.  I don't want to have days like this all the time where I'm worried that I'm going to go over my daily allotment just because of the choice I made at lunch.  Sometimes the hardest thing is to be honest, even with just myself let alone other people.  I'm committed to change, though, so I'll keep moving forward.

Water Challenge Day 57:  Drank 192 of 180 ounces


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Sounds like things are doing really well for you! I like your commitment to change and congrats on losing 3 pounds! My Fitness Pal is a great website - I really like it.

Tamzin said...

yep.... recording it and lookin at it on MFP is hard. There are times that I've put things down because I don't want to record it. I want to et t, but I can't do 400calories in junk!! haha!

Of course, moderation in all things, including moderaion. So there are times I have the "bad" for me things too. Now that I record it all - I try to keep it to once or twice a week. Down from my once or twice a day :)

Gratz on the loss... its going to keep on happening and that, is the awesome.

Beth Ann said...

I also have to work out before I get home. I do on the way to work, at lunch or on the way home. Doing it after I get home is absolutely not an option because I will talk myself out if it every time.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the support ladies! I find being accountable sometimes hard to do. Means I have to be honest and bring any secrets I want to hide out in the open, like maybe eating something I shouldn't have or getting my exercise in. Funny how that is.

Bryan Blankenship said...

Please be very careful with this type of surgery.. I came close to dying from complications. You can email me at tuscola253@gmail.com I can tell you everything..

Caitlin R said...

Sounds like all really helpful stuff Kathy! I really love reading you blog and hearing about what you learn in your classes because it's always so helpful. And I think so many people can get something out of it, regardless what kind of weight loss or maintenance journey they're on. Thanks so much for sharing!

Congrats on the loss!

Bella Capri said...

I love MFP! I've used it for about two years now, and I've made so many wonderful friends on there. My name is BellaontheBeach if you want to add me.

I also love the tip about scheduling your workouts in your calendar. I do that every single week. Sunday is my day to plan out my week and include all the workouts into my calendar. It works great!

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