Saturday, March 1, 2014

My motivation wall

What inspires you to be healthy?  Are there things that you find give you a bigger motivation than others?  For me, it's so many different things.  It might be the smiles that greet me when I'm walking outdoors or the person sweating at the gym who is loving every minute of it.  Just like any other person who is trying to lose weight and live a healthier life, I have my moments when I see such a long road ahead or I'm just not full of any energy to work out.  So I have a wall that I started keeping words of motivation on, words that can give me a push when I need it or a reminder of why I lace up my shoes.  Here's a snippet from that wall.

These are different words of inspiration I've seen online that have really grabbed my attention for one reason or another.  Some of them make me want to go out there and kick some ass at the gym, others remind me what the blood, sweat and tears are for.  Then there are others that just make me laugh.

When I saw that one about Channing Tatum, I about bust a gut so I had to put it on my wall.  [If you don't know who that is, he's this hottie actor.  Google him.]

No matter what your motivation is, bring it out in the open and embrace it.  There is no way I can look at my motivation wall and not be inspired to push myself that little extra bit or remember to keep the eye on the prize.  Life is incredibly short and I want to do the best I can at taking care of myself now.  I'm not always the greatest at that, but I'm working on it.  As my parting picture, take a look at one of my beautiful girls who was incredibly fascinated at me taking a picture of the wall in my bedroom.

Water Challenge Day 44:  Drank 202 of 182 ounces


happyinca said...

LOL, I love this!!! I like the idea of motivation staring you in the face - never out of sight.

Kathy said...

Exactly!! I put it in a spot that I know I will look at each day and write anything down I'm inspired by.

Beth Ann said...

I love, love, love this! I just got a new bulletin board in my office and I will need to copy you.

Kathy said...

Beth Ann, it really is great. I look at mine everyday and it keeps me honest.

Kimberly Portnall said...

I SO need a wall like this Kathy! If you ever get copies. Lol Thank you for being You!

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