Friday, March 21, 2014

Pardon me while I get a little personal

I know this is TMI but I am in pain while I type this to you all because I haven't been able to go boom-boom (my polite way of saying it) in a couple of days.  Sorry for just putting it out there but it's what I need to talk about right now.  If you've been reading my blog for any period of time, you know that I share a lot of the good, bad and ugly on here.  I have to do that if I'm going to be honest, and that is my full intention.  I know I'm not alone with this problem, it's just that I'm uncouth enough to bring it out in the open.  You're welcome ;-)

When I was on Optifast, I had this problem occur almost on a weekly basis.  It was awful, but because I was losing so much weight so fast, I dealt with it.  I wasn't happy about it at the time, but I guess you pick your battles.  I know that a big reason it occurs is because of dietary changes and perhaps not getting in enough nutrients.  When I was doing that program, I was getting in about 500 calories a day.  I was supervised while on it, but it is no wonder that I developed some of the issues that I did.  Now, with my current 1200 calories a day that I'm doing in the pre-op stages of surgery, I find myself not eating enough calories and food groups.  The calorie limit is a suggestion to help us get off the weight, but it is by no means mandated.  What I've noticed, however, is that I have many times when I'm well under 1200 calories.  Sometimes I do go to bed hungry and sometimes I don't feel the best.  I guess, in my head, I need to suffer to lose weight.  Nobody has ever told me that before.  I think it's just something that has been ingrained in my head from other experiences in my life.

In looking at what I'm eating, I do notice that I've been focusing more on protein.  That is a good thing to do, especially with my future weight loss surgery.  That protein will be the most important thing to eat, yet I can't forget other parts of my diet.  And, for some reason, I have been skipping getting all of my supplements in.  These daily supplements are not required, but are good for my overall health.  Going along with that, I sometimes will forget to inject my insulin.  I'm a diabetic and need that insulin, but I've been very lax on taking it.  I know ... I can't do it because my very life depends on it.  I have to improve on that.

I seriously don't know why I've been doing these things, but I'm publicly owning it on here.  I know some of the people who will be reading this and they will absolutely not let me get away with doing these things that negatively impact my health.  I have taken all of my supplements and will inject after I post this message.  I promise!  I'm so glad I have this blog because I can be accountable here.  Thanks for reading and being supportive on my journey to better health.

Water Challenge 60:  Drank 180 of 180 ounces


happyinca said...

Hi Kathy, thanks for bringing up the unmentionables :-) I haven't had a normal boomboom since I started Optifast and this is something I'm just tolerating, but not thrilled about. Some people in my group take Miralax on a regular basis and are happy with the results. It's super gentle -- I had to give it to my newborn son for several months, so I can attest to it's gentlensss. I'm doing okay with the Benefiber in my shakes. You are really doing beautifully on this process, and I know that you are going to be so much stronger and healthier as a result. Your posts are really inspiring.

Kathy said...

Miralax actually was my friend today ;-) Thank you for being such a strong support! I know we're going through it two different ways, but our health is the most important thing. I get so much inspiration from you as well.

Bella Capri said...

Let me put it this way - I buy Miralax at Costco because it's a constant companion. My surgeon's office said that it's fine to take on a regular basis, and I take it about every other night with tea. I love that it mixes in with any liquid and is completely tasteless and doesn't add any grit. With the high protein diet that comes with WLS, it's much needed, no matter how many veggies you get in.

Kathy said...

Bella, thanks for sharing your experience about this problem. Do you take fiber supplements too or is it just the Miralax? I know that since I'm getting in smaller amounts of carbs, I'll continue to have the problem and definitely when I have surgery. I just would like it to not be so awful, of course.

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