Friday, January 17, 2014

Join me for my challenge

Okay, yes, I've been incommunicado for a week.  For me, that's a long time not to post at least a little something.  For the most part, my flu is gone.  I still have a nagging cough that sometimes is really bad, but I'm back to normal in other regards.  I still can't exercise a lot because of the respiratory infection, but I know I'll get back there again soon.  I did get some really great health news though ... my endometrial biopsy came back benign.  Hooray!  I will be seeing the gynecologist at the end of the month and I think I'm going to talk to her more about how things went down with the Physician's Assistant.  The more I reflect on it, it's one thing to blame me and the weight on the condition, but it's another thing to mention that it causes cancer in the same breath.  I went in there to see why I was having too many cycles.  For her to then mention cancer without even knowing what I had was insensitive and totally inappropriate.  I mean, I'm a person who is in remission from cancer so you can't just throw that shit around like that.

I finished the application for graduate school and submitted it.  I did make a mistake on my application when I reported my college units.  That sent me into a little of a panic because I wondered if that tiny mistake would keep me from being accepted.  However, I did contact the graduate counselor so all is well.  From what they said, I should know something next week.  That's intense!  I know there's nothing more I can do except to wait to hear from them.  I am looking forward to getting back to school though.  I feel like if I'm out of college for too long, I won't want to go back when it's time.  At Azusa Pacific, it looks like my classes will be on a quarter schedule but I'll only be taking two at a time.  So, God willing, that'll start next month for me.

Okay, enough for updates!  On to my challenge.  A few days ago on Facebook, I got involved in a "Drink Your Water" challenge.  It's a group of people who committed to drinking half their body weight in ounces of water or similar non-caffeinated beverages.  Our task was to drink like this for five days as a group to help us make sure we're getting in our water for all the fabulous benefits.  There's 151 one of us and w check in each day to see how we were all doing and to encourage each other.  For me, that has meant drinking 187.5 ounces of water a day.  I have not made quite that number every day, but I have done it most days or gotten really close.  Participating in this challenge has really helped me increase my fluid intake and my skin is looking really great.  Right now there is a 100-day challenge going on online and in social media groups.  People pick various things to do, whether it is working out, eating whole foods or whatever for 100 days straight.  They then do videos of how they have been doing or document it in some way.  So I thought it would be great for me to continue drinking half my body weight in ounces for 100 days.  It could only benefit me in positive ways.  I even have an awesome app on my phone to help me keep track (in the app store, search "Waterlogged").  I'm all about the fantastic benefits that all this drinking can do for me:  help in losing weight, good skin, less headaches, better digestion and so much more.  So join me ... if I can do it, so can you!!


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