Saturday, November 30, 2013

Carrying around two and half bags of pet food

I made it back home from my trip to Vegas with the family. We left last night at almost 6:00 and got home by midnight.  I'm glad I got to spend the Thanksgiving week with them, but nothing is better than being in my own bed again.  I loved meeting my 3-year old niece and playing with her.  Life is so uncomplicated when you're that young. The biggest worry you have is which dress you will wear with your tiara.  As my mom and I spent time together in the hotel room, we got to talk a lot about the gastric bypass.  At first, she was really worried and now she has done a complete 180.  I think the more I was able to answer her questions and we could be honest about any concerns she felt, the less anxiety she felt.  Dr. Oz happened to also have a segment on it and we watched it together.  The issue I have now is her saying, "When you're skinny next year ..." It was always important for her to look good when I was growing up, fat being treated as some sort of disease.  Now that she's older, she thinks it's too late for her so she's now in the mentality to save me from that.  For now, I'm trying to let her be in her own zone about it.  If it persists, I will have to have a talk with her because, for me, this is not about me being skinny; this is about me being healthy.  There is a big difference there for me. As for my father, no, I didn't tell him.  Since he lives in Nevada now for half the year, he is planning on coming down to visit with me at some point this winter.  I think enough time will have passed and I will have progressed further into the weight loss surgery process to talk to him about it at that point.  Of course, I'm going to take it one step at a time and play it by ear and see how comfortable I am by then.

After getting back into a regular routine, I did run over to Costco to get some veggies and restock my cat food and kitty litter supply for the girls.  I buy a 25-pound bag of cat food that lasts well over a month for them.  As I was carrying that in from the car in both my hands, I was amazed at exactly how much 25 pounds really is when I think about it.  My highest weight is over two and a half of those bags on my body from where I am at right now.  If ever I don't think it's a big deal that I'm keeping off 60 pounds from my highest weight because I'm too focused on dropping bigger numbers, I just have to think about how it felt to lift one of those bags and then imagine adding another bag and a half.  How do we do that and not even notice how really bad that is for our bodies?  I couldn't wait to put that bag on the kitchen counter and have it removed from my arms.  No wonder it's such a big deal when doctors say even losing something like 10-20 pounds is so important for our hearts, legs and back.  Yeah, I totally get that.  Now how am I supposed to bring in that 42-pound bag of kitty litter??  Gotta love Costco.


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