Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dragging myself from here to there

Hi everyone,

I have been crazy busy with end of the year stuff at work.  I'm in charge of our Senior Awards Reception, which is a lot of work.  It's chasing kids down for information, writing the speech we'll use for the event, dealing with scholarship sponsors, last minute changes, printers that jam at the worst times and the list goes on.  We have about 160 kids participating and I can say about half of them turned in half of the information I have needed, so calling them into the office is so time consuming.  I've been working full days and then putting in several hours each night working at home in front of my laptop.  Tomorrow we have the beginning of senior check-out, so I'll be busy with that, too, as well as other end-of-the-year stuff.  So I've been quieter than usual on my blog.  I can't apologize, though, because I'm only human and life gets in the way sometimes.  A week from tomorrow with be my last day for almost seven weeks, so I know I can get through it just fine.  Besides, I do love participating in these great events for our kids, even if there is a lot of work behind it.

On to medical stuff ... I saw a specialist today in regards to the intestinal issues I've been having.  Making the change to gluten-free and dairy-free food has been great for me, but it hasn't taken care of the problem one hundred percent.  Oh how I wish it could have done that.  Without going into too many TMI details, the specialist told me today that I'm going to have to have surgery and then, depending on how I'm doing after that, potentially more.  It's sort of a "wait and see how this works" sort of thing.  Being told I needed surgery was not what I wanted to hear and I felt like it increased my stress level a huge amount, but the doctor was very sweet with me and extremely caring.  Wouldn't you know, while I was talking to her, I started crying.  I don't know where the tears came from.  Probably a mix of being scared, frustrated, relieved and just at my wits's end.  Sometimes I don't know how to handle it when people are extremely compassionate as she was and how so many of the other doctors I've been dealing with have been the same way.  My emotions are right there on the surface in these situations, especially when I start talking about what I've been through in the last couple of years.  Any one of those things could have seriously broken the strongest person and yet here I am.

For right now, I'm trying to put those worries about whatever the surgery may bring off to the side so that I can finish off my work school-year and be present during all of these special graduation events with the kids.  And when I do have the surgery, thankfully it's an outpatient sort of thing and it is supposed to make me feel lots better, God willing.  Oy, the challenges of life.


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