Saturday, August 9, 2014

(IM) Patiently waiting for my surgery date

I know that God uses a lot of opportunities to help me learn and grow as a person, even when I'm kicking and screaming.  When I had the consultations on Tuesday, my surgeon told me that I would probably hear back in a few days but no later than a week to schedule the gastric bypass surgery.  Of course I'm antsy, just like every other person that has gone before me.  On Friday, I just couldn't stand waiting one more second.  I doubted they would be ready to schedule by then, but I just had to try.  I'm returning to work on Monday after two months of summer vacation and it would be nice to know something going back.  Unfortunately it's a bit too soon.  I was told that the surgeon is reviewing the internist and psychiatrist reports and then will turn in a slip to the scheduler, who will then be calling me.  They believe it will be by the end of the day on Monday.  If anything, I'm glad the surgeon is being thorough in reviewing the other reports instead of working on automatic and pushing things through.  At least I'll be preoccupied being back at work because, even if I get my date on Monday, I'm still going to have to wait until the actual surgery date.  That means more waiting so at least work will keep my mind busy.

My foot is healing nicely from the biopsies done on Monday.  It has been really hard not pushing myself and just walking through the pain.  Each day has brought more healing and the holes are slowly starting to close up.  I was feeling a little worried because of the cuts since I'm diabetic, but I'm taking good care of it and following doctor's orders.  I still don't know if I'm going to move forward in doing anything more with what happened with the doctor.  On one hand, his explanation seems possible and I did have two biopsy results (from the two cuts).  On the other hand, it just seems fishy.  Up to this point, this doctor has taken very good care of me with the skin cancer and he's done many biopsies on me with no problems.  I suppose the problem with all of this was not telling me what he was doing with the second cut and the poor job on bandaging up the area.  It's getting better, so that coupled with the benign results is the biggest thing right now.  After nine biopsies with the skin cancer and one other type of biopsy done, at least that word doesn't scare me any longer.  I feel like a pro now.


Susan May said...

Those are quite good developments. I've just found your blog and began reading, and I can see that you've been through a lot. What's amazing about you is that you're a fighter. You keep the hope burning with every struggle you faced. I hope everything goes well with the surgery, and that your foot heals, ASAP! Thank you for sharing your experiences. All the best!

Susan May @ It Works!

Kathy said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. I definitely am a fighter, I guess I just never realized how much.

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